Early Easter Treats!

Early Easter Treats!

SW Wine ShopMarch 19, 2024

Easter comes early this year and as with any festive occasion, food plays a central role; therefore, pairing the right wines with traditional Easter dishes can elevate the dining experience. It’s a time for reflection and celebration with family and friends, so make the most of your Easter gatherings with the following recommendations. 

Easter is traditionally celebrated with roast lamb but, for a whole variety of reasons, many people choose to cook other roasts. With this in mind, and if you like to be a bit adventurous, we have put together white and red Easter cases along with a case of Easter Treats to enjoy with your food of choice.

If it’s roast lamb you are sticking with, a medium to full-bodied red does the trick, for example, a Rioja or a Chianti. The tannins in these wines help cut through the richness of the lamb, while their fruity notes complement its flavour beautifully. Easter ham is often glazed with sweet or savoury sauces that give it a rich and flavourful profile. A classic pairing might be a fruity Riesling (we’ve also got low alcohol options) or a Pinot Noir to balance out the palate.

Lighter wines, such as Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Grigio will complement any vegetarian dish. These wines offer refreshing acidity and herbal notes that complement the freshness of the vegetables without overwhelming them. New in, we have Beaubigney SB (so new it hasn’t been reviewed yet!) or an organic Pizzolato Pinot Grigio, which are proving to be very popular.

No Easter celebration is complete without indulging in sweet treats like Easter eggs, hot cross buns and cakes. When it comes to pairing wine with desserts, consider matching the sweetness level of the wine with that of the dessert. For chocolate-based desserts, a rich and velvety Port is a great choice and we have a range of fabulous dessert wines to provide a refreshing contrast to lighter desserts (does that mean low calorie?) like fruit tarts or pavlova.

Remember, the key to successful food and wine pairing is balance. Experiment with different combinations to discover your personal favourites, and don't be afraid to trust your own palate. Ultimately, Easter is a time to savour delicious food, enjoy good company and raise a glass to the joys of spring. Cheers to a happy and flavourful Easter celebration!