Early Easter Treats!

SW Wine ShopMarch 19, 2024

We hope you love our Easter mixed cases, which have been picked with Easter feasts in mind. Our expert sommelier has recommended food and wine pairings for all palates, all of which you can buy online or from our shop in Market Street, Tavistock. We even provide free local delivery for cases of 12 or more!

Picnics are for wine!

Dave AnningJuly 07, 2023

Brits love a good picnic in the summer months. Laden with tupperwares and a hamper that weighs more than the children, we retreat to a field full of ants, nettles and unexpected lumps where we unload our treasures and tuck in! Picnic wine is pretty straightforward. Don't overthink it; if...

Rosé season is upon us!

Dave AnningJune 23, 2023

This week, I am salivating over that special first glass of rosé that welcomes in better weather. Despite drinking a lot of rosé wine, may people don’t really quite know what rosé is or how it is made. 

SW Wine Shop & sustainability

Claire DuffinJune 16, 2023

In the second part of our blog on sustainability, Dave Anning asked Mike about the day-to-day business of delivering wine throughout the Southwest and what he was doing to limit his business' impact on the environment. 

The wine industry & buying local

Claire DuffinJune 11, 2023

Part 1 of a 2-part series outlining Mike McGarry's sustainability plans for Sovereign Wines as he talks about the carbon footprint of the wine industry and the challenges of going local in the wine trade.

Producer focus - Mitchell Wines

SW Wine ShopMay 11, 2023

Mitchell Wines in the Clare Valley is one of Australia’s best-known boutique family wine producers, established in 1975. The family’s vineyard practices are ‘old style’, emphasising sustainability with minimum intervention, no chemicals, no irrigation and biodynamic treatments. Mitchell Wines consists of five vineyards at altitudes between 300 and 450m, and...

Celebrate the King's Coronation

Lauren BellasApril 27, 2023

Celebrate the King's Coronation with our white, red and mixed cases of wine.