Picnics are for wine!

Picnics are for wine!

Dave AnningJuly 07, 2023

Brits love a good picnic in the summer months. Laden with tupperwares and a hamper that weighs more than the children, we retreat to a field full of ants, nettles and unexpected lumps where we unload our treasures and tuck in!

Picnic wine is pretty straightforward. Don't overthink it; if you have a favourite wine, then take it. Picnics are a chance to escape all the formalities of wine - and food - and comfort! 

Choosing wine that will appeal widely is quite easy. The key is to pair the food and wine in terms of how intense the flavours are. Picnic food is mainly light and cold, so lighter wines work well, especially if you can serve them chilled. Going near a lake, stream or reservoir? Why not take some string and lower your bottle in - you'll be surprised how cool it will get in half an hour. Just clean the top carefully to avoid bacteria!

I always think strawberries best typify a summer picnic. Being so delicate in flavour, they are a real treat. Delicious as a cocktail-style drink or even as a dessert, strawberries in wine are a uniquely summer treat. Proportions are a matter of taste, but this is so simple you'll get it right instinctively. Halve your strawberries into a bowl then dust them liberally with sugar. Cover them with white, sparkling or light rosé wine like La Voile Rosé and refrigerate the mix for a couple of hours before serving (preferably with a strawberry stuck on the rim of the glass!). If your strawberries aren't quite ripe, simply add a little more sugar; the 'syrup' is delicious, the strawberries refreshing and you can always add little extras such as a squirt of chantilly cream for show. Remember, the best results are from wine that is crisp, light and low in alcohol.

Of course some of you will want red wine. Good options are naturally lighter in style. Pinot Noir, Gamay and Cabernet Franc are grapes to look for. Sparkling fans might enjoy a Cremant 'Alsace or a good quality Prosecco (both very light and easy drinking), and white wine enthusiasts could consider Riesling (Dr Loosen does a terrific range), Sauvignon Blanc for those after full flavours (Sancerre Domaine Daulny is hard to beat) or a light Pinot Grigio.

If hamper size is a problem and your full bottles don't fit, we do a lovely range of half bottles in white, red, sparkling and dessert wines.