Producer focus - Mitchell Wines

Producer focus - Mitchell Wines

SW Wine ShopMay 11, 2023

Mitchell Wines in the Clare Valley is one of Australia’s best-known boutique family wine producers, established in 1975. The family’s vineyard practices are ‘old style’, emphasising sustainability with minimum intervention, no chemicals, no irrigation and biodynamic treatments.

Mitchell Wines consists of five vineyards at altitudes between 300 and 450m, and the vines are aged between 5 and 50. Altitude is essential to provide a moderating effect on South Australia’s warm climate. In the Mitchell vineyards, the grapes can achieve full flavour ripeness whilst maintaining essential acidity to produce perfectly balanced wines.

We stock a range of Mitchell wines to suit all palates (and courses!). To get your dinner party off to a fizzy start, why not try the Mitchell Sparkling Shiraz for something a bit different, followed by a fish course accompanied by our most popular seller, the Watervale Riesling. Alternatively, you could try the Semillon, a creamy, buttery white that goes well with any Asian-inspired food.

If you prefer a red with the main course, the McNichol Shiraz is aged in tight-grained 500-litre French oak barrels for two years then bottled on the estate and aged for a further six years. It is a gorgeous inky-red colour with chocolate, dark berry and spice notes, and goes very well with roast beef.

Finally, the cheese board! The Mitchell Noble Semillon pairs deliciously with Gorgonzola Picante, Manchego or Comté (call in to Country Cheeses in Tavistock to see their range!). It dances on the palate with its candied orange peel and honey notes.

Whatever your taste, Mitchell Wines has developed a range of excellent wines to suit every occasion. From humble beginnings on a mixed-use family farm to a 80-hectare vineyard, winery and bottling facility, the Mitchell family’s use of both traditional and modern methods in their winemaking is reflected in the quality of their products. 

If you would like to know more about our range of Mitchell wines, feel free to pop in to our shop in Market Street, Tavistock, or email us with any questions you might have.